Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on WWII Memorial Lawsuit

Last summer I mentioned a possible VARA suit involving a World War II memorial sculpture in Washington state. The Bellingham Herald has an update:

"The memorial’s artist, Simon Kogan, twice has tried to secure restraining orders to stop maintenance or restoration work on the memorial as part of a lawsuit he filed against the Department of General Administration, which maintains the memorial. He claims crews damaged the memorial, including the tiles, when they power-washed it three years ago, a breach of the contract commissioning the work.

"The agency denies his claims. In its countersuit, GA alleges Kogan’s negligence in designing, fabricating and installing some features of the memorial, including the tiles and drainage, led to the damage. Kogan denies those claims.

"In January, a judge ordered the parties to resolve the lawsuit through arbitration; no meetings have been scheduled."