Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The man then pointed a gun at the museum attendant while an accomplice went inside" (UPDATED 3X)

The NYT on a brazen morning theft of a Magritte from a Brussels museum today.

UPDATE: Richard Lacayo: "The Art Loss Register estimates the value of the paining at $1.1 million, though it's effective value right now is zero, because stolen paintings by famous names are almost impossible to sell, as the thieves will soon discover."

UPDATE 2: Once again, Derek Fincham takes us through the options. Loosely translated, they are basically: (1) the Dr. No scenario; (2) the thieves are pretty stupid; (3) a ransom play; and (4) the thieves are smarter than we think.

UPDATE 3: Mark Durney: "This art theft raises the question of whether or not museum gallery officers should be armed."