Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rose Update

Brandeis student newspaper The Justice has more on the transfer earlier this month of the Rose lawsuit from the Massachusetts Supreme Court to the (less supreme) probate court.

The University's lawyer, former Massachusetts AG Thomas Reilly, is quoted as saying:

"The Rose Art Museum is open. The plaintiffs were claiming that it's closed; that's simply not true. They were claiming that [there] was a sale of paintings that was imminent; that's simply not true. So there are serious misrepresentations in the complaint, but the bottom line is the Court wouldn't take their case and didn't take their case."

One of the plaintiffs, Jonathan Lee, chairman of the Rose Board of Overseers, "said in an interview that he was not displeased with the court's decision to transfer the case" (one wonders why he bothered filing the suit in the Supreme Court then in the first place).

A case management conference is scheduled for Sept. 1.