Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Bartering may be the answer to bail us out of our current crisis" (UPDATED)

Lindsay Pollock points to a "no money art show" this weekend in Chelsea -- Art4Barter. The press release explains: "No works shall be sold for money but rather for services and goods. The exact service or good that the artist requires will be on the label next to their art. For example, if an artist were to ask for dental work or other medical procedures in exchange for their art, or for a studio to work in, etc., it will give the community an opportunity to barter for those items that are missing from the artists' lives."

I would add just a word of warning.

UPDATE: Economist Michael Rushton points out that there was a similar exhibition in Philadelphia in March. A Philadelphia Inquirer story at the time quoted him as follows:

"I see it as not an awfully important thing. The barter in modern times is a bit of a gimmick, really. It's a fairly ineffective way to go about your business. The electrician always had the option of going to an art fair and a gallery and looking for things. . . . All you've done is made things more difficult for obtaining the services."