Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wait No Longer

Back in October, when I wrote about the multilevel slide pieces by artist Carsten Höller that had been installed at the Tate Modern in London, I used as the title of the post someone's comment that "In the United States, this artwork might be called a lawsuit waiting to happen."

Apparently not just in the United States:

"Kate Phillips, a charity director, ... is bringing legal action after saying she broke her hand on the exhibit, leaving her in severe pain and with difficulties working. Ms Phillips ... said she needed seven stitches after sliding down one of the helter-skelters, which were designed by the Belgian artist Carsten Holler and occupy Tate Modern's cavernous Turbine Hall. 'I am claiming for the loss of facility of my right hand ... it's been a real problem,' she said. 'I couldn't type, write or drive for two months. I travel extensively with work but I couldn't even carry a suitcase. Only now, three months on, am I getting back to normal.'"

Charles Lambert asks: "What on earth did she think she was doing? Watching television? Eating tofu salad in the safety of her own kitchen?"