Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Take Two

Randy Kennedy reports in this morning's New York Times that the Goya painting that was stolen on its way to an exhibition at the Guggenheim last fall, and then recovered, is going to try to make it to the museum again:

"On Feb. 16 that 1778 painting, 'Children With a Cart,' owned by the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio, will join the exhibition where it was previously scheduled to appear: 'Spanish Painting From El Greco to Picasso: Time, Truth, and History,' which opened at the Guggenheim in November and continues through March 28. The painting was recovered unharmed in central New Jersey after a lawyer called the F.B.I. and told investigators where they could find it, adding that he could not tell them anything else about the theft. Law enforcement officials said it appeared that the thieves probably had no idea what was in the truck they broke into overnight in a parking lot at a Howard Johnson Inn near Bartonsville, Pa. The investigation into the theft is continuing, both museums said. After the recovery, the painting was returned to Toledo, where museum officials recently decided to allow it to travel again."

Lee Rosenbaum reports that arrests in the theft "will be forthcoming."