Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wynn Update

The Insurance Journal reports:

"The casino magnate who accidentally poked a hole in a Picasso painting said insurer Lloyd's of London has offered to settle his $54 million claim of lost value, but the talks aren't going the way he'd like. 'Their offer is ridiculous,' owner Steve Wynn said. He declined to give specifics, and Lloyd's declined to comment."

Earlier post here.

Wynn sounds angry:

"Wynn ... attacked the insurance industry as a whole, accusing insurance companies of 'irresponsible, careless, inconsiderate and deliberate evasive behavior'' that too often works for them. He said insurers play 'dirty tricks' and habitually delay responding to claims, hoping to wear down those making claims and get them to settle for much less than what they are owed. 'Most folks that have insurance can't afford the legal fees, so they take what they get,' Wynn said in a telephone interview. 'There's only one way to stop this kind of thing, and that is to go to court.'''