Thursday, January 11, 2007

Broken Angel

Robin Pogrebin has a story in today's New York Times about Arthur Wood's "Broken Angel," his family home/work of art in Clinton Hill. Wood and his wife were evicted in October after a rooftop fire led city inspectors to discover several building code violations. Yesterday in Brooklyn Supreme Court

"the Woods agreed to submit engineering plans by next Wednesday to dismantle the building’s 40-foot rooftop structure, the main violation. The Woods have also entered into a tentative agreement to share ownership with a local developer, Shahn Andersen, who would turn most of the building into condominiums .... The Broken Angel, as the house is known, would include some form of community space, along with living and studio space for the Woods."

There's a great slideshow of images at the Times link. Here is a set of photos by Woods's son, Christopher. Wikipedia page here. The house was recently featured in the movie Dave Chappelle's Block Party. Here is an earlier piece from the Times.