Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That's Cold

The New York Daily News has the latest move in Karl Kemp's battle to evict the homeless from outside his gallery:

"Antiques dealer Karl Kemp - who made headlines after slapping 64-year-old vagrant Roger Greenlee with a $1 million lawsuit last week - cut off the hot air to a steam grate yesterday in a bid to drive away the homeless from the front of his store. Contractors hauled away large metal heating ducts yesterday morning .... The once-toasty grate beneath Kemp's window - a mainstay for Greenlee and at least three other homeless people named in the lawsuit - had cooled to a near-freezing 38.9 degrees when the Daily News measured it yesterday."

Kari Milchman at the New York Press Blog "wonders why he didn’t just do this quietly before filing a lawsuit that launched him to instant bad guy stardom."