Friday, June 20, 2014

Though the choice to sell was a difficult -- indeed agonizing -- decision, and a problem that does not admit of easy solutions ...

. . . the AAMD has, with regret, gone ahead and sanctioned the hell out of the Delaware Art Museum.  (Though when you read their statement, the regret part doesn't really come through so much.)

Lee Rosenbaum mocks their pathetic "whining" and calls for even tougher sanctions ("AAMD should try to convince major foundation and government funders that museums violating professional standards are unworthy of their support").  Because, after all, an important principle is at stake.

What is that principle again?  Oh yeah, the public trust -- I mean, "common sense."  (Or is it the sanctity of the coin of the realm?)

Speaking of the public trust, I got a chuckle out of the AAMD's latest statement, which includes the following line:  "With this sale, the museum is treating works from its collection as disposable assets, rather than irreplaceable cultural heritage that it holds in trust for people now and in the future."

But am I dreaming or were we not told a week ago that this is "not a matter, as is often claimed, of protecting the public trust"?

Well, what difference does it make, really, what it's a matter of?  Public trust, common sense, coin of the realm.  Whatevs.  The important thing is someone needs to be sanctioned and sanctioned hard ... even if we're not quite sure why.