Thursday, December 05, 2013

Speaking of removing art from the market

We know that museums themselves would never do anything as "grim and venal" as "putting a pricetag on," or "monetizing," art.

That would never happen.

Wait ... hold on a second.  This just in:  the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts just sold a Hopper for $40 million.

Tough break for PAFA.  I guess this will lead to its dissolution, a kind of nonprofit controlled liquidation, if you will.  Donors will stop giving.  And let's hope the surrounding counties hadn't  agreed to a special tax for its benefit because, if so, man have they blown that.

Anyway, back to Detroit.  What I don't get is why the creditors can't understand that MUSEUMS DO NOT SELL ART.  It just isn't done.  It's grim and venal and simply doesn't happenWhat, I wonder, could ever give anyone the opposite idea?