Monday, March 18, 2013

"In a stunning twist in a case that had frustrated investigators for decades ..." (UPDATED 2X)

"... federal law enforcement officials said today that they had identified the people who stole $500 million worth of masterworks in a daring heist from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990."

UPDATE:  Ann Althouse:  "I'm glad to hear this art may be returned, but I can't help noting that name: Carmen Ortiz. Here's someone who may be desperate for good publicity after getting trashed earlier this year."

UPDATE 2:  Nicholas O'Donnell is skeptical:  "This time may be different, but the FBI has been 'appealing to the public' for 23 years.  Whatever it now believes happened 15 years ago may be true, but the crime frankly appears no closer to being solved than it was yesterday.  In that respect today’s development may be less 'stunning' than it is somewhat predictable."