Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"What Reinharz does not regret is the principle that guided [the] decision."

Former Brandeis President Judah Reinharz is still repulsively defending his (failed) plan to sell some of the school's artwork:

"Reinharz was thinking about the economic security of the university’s staff ... [T]he school was facing the decision to lay off workers, ... employees who make less than $50,000 a year.  Imagine arriving home at the end of the day and saying to your spouse, Reinharz explained, 'I was fired today but it was a good day for Brandeis. Not a single painting was sold.'"

Can you believe that?  The repulsive unethicalness of it all.  What are people's livelihoods compared to the "ethical" guidelines of a voluntary organization of museum directors, Mr. Reinharz?  Don't you know there is no higher moral authority?  If they say it's wrong, it's wrong.  Who are you to question them?  I expect he will be duly sanctioned at the next AAMD meeting.