Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hilarious (UPDATED)

The Judge has rejected the Attorney General's plan for the Fisk artworks: "The best the attorney general has been able to do is to propose a short-term solution. A temporary fix, however, is insufficient, the court concludes. The parties have been in court long enough. Finality and certainty is needed."


Remember: in her ruling last month, Judge Lyle asked the AG to propose "a sharing arrangement in Nashville or ... an institution in Nashville capable and willing to permanently house and maintain the Collection to replace Fisk." He seemed to have done that: the work would stay in Nashville, at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts . But, in an apparent effort to be fair to Fisk, he included a proviso that, if Fisk manages to fix its financial situation, they could have the works back. But now it seems that that proviso ruined the proposal by making it insufficiently final! (So why not just drop the proviso and say the works go to the Frist Center -- finally and permanently?)

In any case, it seems it's back to the Crystal Bridges deal . . . and a little joy in Fiskville.

UPDATE: Judge Lyle's latest decision is here. Haven't had a chance to read it myself, but will try to soon.