Friday, May 14, 2010

Linkage (falling hopelessly behind edition)

  • FBI arrests three, including a Seattle art dealer, in connection with long-running art theft ring.
  • "A glaring problem in our current copyright registration system."
  • Nonprofit doomsday approaches.
  • What does Elena Kagan have against art?
  • A tax deduction for returning Nazi-looted art?
  • The art pawnbroker.
  • Book cover not artwork for right of publicity purposes.
  • Another fake show.
  • Martha Lufkin on the annual US conference on Legal Issues in Museum Administration.
  • More on Edelman-Emigrant suit.
  • I hope to have more to say about this one later, but for now: "A Swiss woman is suing Christie's auction house in New York for failing to 'exercise due care' almost 12 years ago when it sold a drawing she consigned for less than $22,000 – a drawing that several experts now attribute to Leonardo da Vinci, and that they estimate could be worth more than $150-million."