Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fisk Update

I think the headline on this story in The Tennessean ("Door is left open for Fisk to sell Georgia O'Keeffe art") is a little misleading. The Tennessee Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal of the intermediate appellate court's decision tossing the O'Keeffe Museum from the suit on standing grounds. It seems to me that leaves things where they were when that decision came down this summer, namely:

"As the NYT reports, Fisk 'must still win permission in a lower court to sell an interest in the collection.' And as Lee Rosenbaum points out, they may have gotten the O'Keeffe Museum out of the way, but Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper still needs to be dealt with, and he is on record as strongly preferring a solution 'that would allow the Stieglitz Collection to remain in Nashville on a full-time basis.'"

Though, as I pointed out last summer, there is some language in that decision that would seem to support Fisk's plan to sell a share of the collection to the Crystal Bridges Museum.