Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Couple of Deaccessioning Notes

Via The Deaccessioning Blog. First, it seems Assemblyman Brodsky (of the Brodsky Bill) recently came and talked to the Art Law Society at Cardozo Law School. You can read an account of the visit here. The Deaccessioning Blog's take: "Reading Brodsky's thoughts gives one hope that he's finally realizing the economic severity faced by museums and art institutions, and if the Brodsky bill restricts the use of funds acquired through deaccessioning to only the purchase of new works, museums will face dire financial situations which will force them to lay-off staff in droves, not to mention lower the academic and aesthetic design and implementation of their planned exhibitions."

Second, there is this quote, from a Time magazine report on some deaccessioning at University College London: "To be sure, not everything in a museum's collection is worth keeping, let alone putting on display."