Monday, October 05, 2009

"No one in their right mind brings a collection like that to a private home without security"

San Jose Mercury News columnist Scott Herold takes note of the art world's "odd reaction" to the Pebble Beach theft: "In my reporting, I've detected skepticism about aspects of the crime, particularly about the lack of insurance and the finding of a ransom note a few days after sheriff's deputies combed through the house."

Among those he talked to is
Art Theft Central's Mark Durney, who says "says the experts he's talked with see a number of curious aspects to the case":

"Durney points out that it's unusual, though not inconceivable, that a collection worth as much as $80 million would have been as little known as this one was. He also notes that the Pollock ... has never been put up for auction or public sale, so it's hard to judge its value. And last, he joins ex-FBI agent McShane in noting that it wouldn't make sense for collectors of this caliber to go without insurance, particularly when they are moving art."

Greg Allen has some further thoughts (see also here).