Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"They refuse to give up" (UPDATED)

So begins Tom Infield's story in today's Philadelphia Inquirer on the latest developments in the Barnes saga. "Almost three years after a judge issued an order permitting the Barnes Foundation to move its billion-dollar art collection to Philadelphia, a group of Barnes neighbors in Merion filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking to halt the move. The action in Montgomery County Court asks Judge Stanley Ott to dissolve the Barnes board of directors and appoint a receiver to run the foundation under his supervision." The Philadelphia Bulletin has some choice quotes from the petition.

Infield also reports that "Montgomery County commissioners have said they intend to file a suit similar to the one filed yesterday by the Friends of the Barnes." County Deputy Solicitor Carolyn Carluccio tells Lee Rosenbaum their suit will "focus on the recent 'significant changes in circumstances' that might persuade Judge Ott to reconsider" his decision. Tyler Green promises some "bombshells" later today.

UPDATE: Tyler posts the "bombshells" (in four parts; start here and work back), which are really just some highlights from the petition. I don't see anything that should give anyone much hope that the decision will be reversed, but I guess we'll soon see.