Tuesday, April 14, 2020

"I can’t imagine that the museum associations will not be obliged to rethink the core requirements of economic survival in relation to some of the assets that they own in their collections."

Speaking of deaccessioning ... the above quote is from Allan Schwartzman's latest podcast with Charlotte Burns (it's just a passing thought in a much larger conversation about what a post-Covid art world might look like that's well worth listening to in its entirety).

I think that's his way of saying the museums may need to relax their strict rules regarding "operating cost" deaccessioning. Think of it this way. The Guggenheim (to take one example among many) just announced that it is furloughing 92 employees and reducing pay for another 85. If that could have been avoided by selling one work from its collection, would you do it? And if your answer is no, would you say an opposing view is repulsive?