Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Art law scams, screw-ups, etc.

Assorted art law (and related) thoughts from Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, including on the Christie's sales tax story ("During these times when not too many Benjamins are circulating, might be a good idea to play everything smart and maybe a little 'conservative'?), Dave Steiner's piece on the Second Circuit's recent 5Pointz decision ("Steiner’s question on how the developer/defendant in this case could have rebutted the plaintiff’s argument that 5Pointz was NOT a work of recognized stature is exquisite. How would the defendant’s rebut 'recognized stature'? Let me tell you that I cannot find one, not one, person in the art industry that is willing to state that 'something' is not art. Good luck defendants."), and Kenny Schachter on his relationship with The Talented Mr. Philbrick ("You’ll probably wonder, as does yours truly, how a seasoned art dealer like Schachter got played for a million like a tourist in Times Square.").