Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Randolph College Update

In another case on the deaccession docket, the Lynchburg News & Advance's Christa Desrets reports that "Lynchburg Circuit Court Judge Leyburn Mosby Jr. ruled that a trial will determine who should get the $500,000 bond that secured the barring of the sale of the art in late 2007." As she reminds us, "after Randolph announced in October 2007 that it would sell four paintings from the Maier Museum of Art, opponents filed an injunction against the sale." Initially, the judge ordered that a $10 million bond be filed to protect the college against any damages caused by the delay. It was later lowered to $1 million, but the plaintiffs were only able to raise half that amount. The injunction was then lifted, and the suit was eventually withdrawn. The judge ordered that the trial take place within the next six months.