Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Baer Law Journal

Josh Baer says he "feel[s] like the NY Law Journal reporting all these suits," but this week alone includes the following:
  • "Earl Davis, the son of the painter Stuart Davis, has sued Joseph Carroll for $3 million alleging the 8 Davis paintings Carroll bought from Salander O'Reilly were knowingly bought ... improperly." More from the Courthouse News Service.
  • "Gerard Basquiat has sued David DeSanctis Contemporary Art Inc for $1.75 million over the sale of Basquiat 'fine art limited editions' they produced together." More on this one from the New York Post.
  • "Ross Galleries LLC has sued their new parent company AJ Ross Auctions LLC, Applejack Art Partners Inc and Jack Appelman [over] $1.3 million in due payments on promissory notes." Sorry, got nothing on this one.