Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hula Settlement (UPDATED)

The Honolulu Adverstiser reports on a settlement in the stained-glass hula case I posted about last year. Though the defendants had successfully fought off the plaintiff's request for a preliminary injunction, it seems that they no longer had the stomach to continue the fight:

"The [settlement] requires Island Treasures Art Gallery ... and artist Marylee Leialoha Colucci to pay [photographer Kim Taylor] Reece $60,000 for attorney's fees .... The stained-glass work at the center of the suit also cannot be publicly displayed, sold or offered for sale .... And Colucci cannot make other works that copy Reece photographs."

Bernstein and Clarida covered this case in the New York Law Journal earlier this year.

UPDATE: "No one wins in this case."