Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"As a businessperson, I would be very concerned at the deal Fisk has cut with the museum in Arkansas"

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen isn't impressed with Fisk University's proposed deal with the Crystal Bridges Museum. He says "estimates from art experts and insurers indicate the collection could easily be worth $150 million. 'And $30 million for half of it is not a very good deal,' he said." He adds:

"Ultimately the court and Fisk have got to decide, are you going to sell this thing or not? And if not, fine. Put it aside and get on with other ways of solving the Fisk problem. If you're going to sell it, I'd rather they go out and sell it properly and take the money and put it in the bank and secure Fisk's long-term future."

I'm not surprised people are becoming frustrated with the way this is being handled.