Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Munch Appeals

An appellate court ruling was announced late last week in the criminal case involving the 2004 theft from Oslo's Munch Museum. It's a little confusing (apparently in Norway you get a jury at the appellate court level), but MSNBC breaks it down:

"In May, the Oslo district court convicted three men of helping the armed robbers, and sentenced them to prison terms of between four and eight years. Three others were acquitted. After about eight hours of deliberation, a 10-member jury in the Borgarting appeals court upheld the conviction of [two men] for grand theft. It also convicted [a third man] of the same charge, reversing his acquittal in the Oslo district court last year. The jury upheld the acquittals of two other men, and acquitted a third who had been sentenced to four years in prison by the lower court."

David Nishamura says: "The sentences don't seem very long, but I think I'll still stick to legitimate employment."