Wednesday, April 18, 2007


In today's Nashville Tennessean, Jonathan Marx reports that the State Attorney General Bob Cooper has petitioned the Court for permission to intervene in the lawsuit between Fisk University and the O’Keeffe Museum. The motion argues that he has an interest in the case "because it involves the administration and/or disposition of a charitable trust, or in the alternative, a charitable gift." Elizabeth Ulrich has more at the Nashville Scene's blog:

"Now that Cooper's given the university another chance to get it right, he doesn't seem sure that Fisk will. ... According to the motion, Cooper wants to make sure that the university explores 'all possible strategies to preserve the collection in its entirety at Fisk.' If that's not possible, he's going to try to make sure that 'Radiator' never hits the auction block. He says the painting 'is clearly the signature piece and heart of the Stieglitz Collection.' He'd rather see Hartley's 'Painting No. 3' or another piece of the collection go."