Sunday, March 21, 2021

Speaking of the Deaccessioning Debate (UPDATED)

I just want to thank the organizers of last week's two-day symposium on deaccessioning at Syracuse University for including me on a panel with deaccessioning luminaries Brian Frye (the Deaccessioning Hall of Fame Scholar-in-Residence), Mark Gold, and Nicholas O'Donnell. Throughout the event I did not see a debate that was "heated" or "bitter" but rather civil and respectful at every turn. Interesting from start to finish.

And speaking further of deaccessioning and luminaries, I'm pleased to have contributed to a new three-volume collection called Collections and Deaccessioning in a Post-Pandemic World. My essay is on "Balancing the Needs of Today's Visitors Against Those of Future Generations." The list of luminaries is too lengthy to mention; you can read all about it here.

UPDATE: "The range of opinions was on full display at the conference ...."