Thursday, August 22, 2019

"It is important to stress that our decision to take this course of action was not made easily or lightly, and it is the only viable solution that will allow for the organization to continue to remain open and serve our community."

The di Rosa's executive director has written a letter in response to the one mentioned here.  He basically says they don't have enough money and the choice now is to either "grow the endowment to provide a sustainable future for the organization" or "close our doors forever."

Anyone who has followed these debates will know that that is an argument that carries no weight with the Deaccession Police.  As Graham Beal, who apparently is working with the di Rosa, has put it, "the institution is there to safeguard the art. The art is not there to support the institution."

The "non-collecting entity" gambit also seems to have been abandoned.  The letter says "our plan, of course, calls for maintaining a legacy collection of several hundred works" and also refers to "new to-be-commissioned works."