Friday, June 22, 2018

"Anish Kapoor Sues NRA for Copyright Infringement of Bean Sculpture"

Artnews story here.  They use it in an ad.

Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento thinks Kapoor is trying to use copyright to censor speech.

IP professor Christine Farley tweets:  "The Bean appears for just 1 second, but it takes up almost the entire frame. De minimis?"  (For a recent de minimis case, see here.)

And some interesting Twitter discussion among some law professors here (though I really don't get the doubts about copyrightability here).  Brian Frye says "surely the use of public art as a backdrop is - or should be! - a fair use."  Michael Risch wonders why we should think "people should be free to commercialize photos of sculptures when they can't commercialize a photo of a painting. Other than the fact that you have to pay to see one of them in a museum, it's unclear to me why these are different categories of art."  Several people seem to think there should be a statutory exception allowing the use of public art.