Thursday, May 28, 2015

The New York Times catches up to the BREAKING NEWS I mentioned last week that Richard Prince is an appropriation artist (UPDATED)

Their story is pegged to the development that one of the appropriatees -- Selena Mooney, who founded the website SuicideGirls -- has started selling her appropriated picture ... for $90, as opposed to the $90,000 Prince gets.

NYU's Chris Sprigman tweets:  "I condemn Suicide Girls for making money from an Instagram that was worthless until Richard Prince made it valuable. Shame on them."

That's funny, but isn't it also true?  Doesn't the price disparity between the two identical images tell us something important about what's going on?  Doesn't it make the simple "theft" model look a little silly?

UPDATE:  Scott Indrisek gets it too:  "Can't believe [Richard Prince] stole my Instagram photo just mere seconds before I was about to print it out and sell it for $90,000."