Wednesday, August 06, 2014

If a monkey takes a selfie ... (UPDATED 2X)

... who owns the copyright?

UPDATE:  AFC comments: "Yes, this is silly, but it actually seems like this could have far-reaching impact on other photographers; after all, Gregory Crewdson, for one, doesn't press the shutter for any of his photographs."

UPDATE 2:  Ann Althouse:  "Give it up, Slater, and embrace the publicity you're getting at this, your moment of greatest fame. Move on, photograph something else, and let us like you at this point — perhaps the only point — when we know you. Surrender gracefully to the Mona Lisa of Macaques and and let everyone... everyone... smile."

Sarah Jeong:  "
How is an aspiring monkey photographer supposed to make it if she can’t stop the rampant internet piracy of monkey works?"