Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Corcoran Update: Nine members of Save the Corcoran get standing (UPDATED 2X)

The Washington Post confirms.  The amusing thing about this one is that the Hall Monitors don't know how to feel about it.  On the one hand, they're against the proposed plan because they're against everything they care deeply about the principle of donor intent.  On the other hand, Save the Corcoran's plan to save the Corcoran involves selling a bunch of art to keep it afloat, which is the most appalling, repulsive, horrible thing anyone has ever suggested.  So they're in a quandary.

UPDATE:  A thorough analysis of what comes next from Kriston Capps.

UPDATE 2:  Capps is gunning to become the first journalist to join my Deaccessioning Hall of Fame.  (Peter Schjeldahl almost made it, but recanted his heresy before we could get the acceptance papers out to him.)  In a Twitter exchange with Christopher Knight, Capps says "There is good reason for Corcoran students to fear being absorbed by GW. Why not balance their future with non-essential works?" and then adds "Plainly, tactical [deaccessioning] can work fine."