Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Any rational assessment of the firing must take into account the practical financial issues in play "

Ed Winkleman: In Search of a More Nuanced Discussion about the Changes at MOCA.

Related from Greg Allen:  "I imagine that one of the best things about being a billionaire is how there's no shortage of people w/ awesome ideas for spending your money."

I'd just add that you hear a lot from the art police about incentives.  If museums are permitted to sell work to pay operating expenses, how will that impact future donations?  If a donor's intent is violated, even 50 years after his death, won't that depress future giving?  But think about the incentives here.  You become a trustee of a museum.  You contribute millions of dollars.  Then, when the museum runs into financial difficulties, you read that a "museum whose board of trustees has a combined net worth far in excess of $21 billion shouldn't have financial problems."  Who would want that job?