Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fisk Finale

The Tennessee Supreme Court has denied the Attorney General's request for permission to appeal the latest Court of Appeals ruling in the Fisk litigation.  I'm not surprised.  News story here.  Fisk says "this puts an end to the multi-year legal controversy about whether or not Fisk has the right to share the Stieglitz Collection with Crystal Bridges."   The Collection will now disappear into the private home of an anonymous Russian oligarch, never to be seen ... sorry, check that.  My bad.  Under the agreement, "the Collection will be exhibited one-half the time at Fisk and one-half of the time at Crystal Bridges. The agreement ensures that each Fisk student will have an opportunity to study and view the art over the course of his or her matriculation at the University and that the entire Collection will be available for the public to view and enjoy during these periods."  The horror.