Friday, July 01, 2011

More on the Rose Settlement

The Boston Globe has expanded its story on the settlement.  The headline has changed -- it now says "Brandeis settles art museum suit" -- but the lede still says that, "according to a court settlement," Brandeis "will ... sell none of its prized collection."  Later, the story refers to a "written guarantee," a "written promise."

But, as I pointed out yesterday, all Brandeis put in writing (in the settlement agreement) is that it "has no aim, plan, design, strategy or intention to sell any artwork."

Brandeis's press release says "the settlement agreement ... states that ... Brandeis has no plan to sell artwork."

I understand why Brandeis would like people to think they've promised not to sell any work, and I can understand why the plaintiffs in the lawsuit are happy to play along.  But there simply is no promise, no guarantee, not to sell work.