Friday, November 05, 2010

More on the Rivers Controversy

Vanity Fair has a long article on the controversy involving the films Larry Rivers made of his adolesencent daughters in the 1970s. Kate Taylor wrote about it in the New York Times this summer.

One of the daughters wants the films turned over to her: "Emma declares her father guilty of nothing less than child pornography." The Rivers Foundation is refusing: ["They say] the film must be preserved, both as source material for a large Rivers painting of 1981, which incorporates still images from the movie, and as art in itself."

The article also notes that Emma has given a copy of the material "to an assistant Manhattan district attorney, Emily Logue. According to Emma, Logue has viewed it with alarm and is considering confiscating all copies as obscene material. (Logue would not comment on what the D.A.’s office considers an open investigation.)"