Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy Week for Art Litigation

Josh Baer has the round-up:
  • The Netherlands Gallery Mourmans has sued MoMA, NS International, and Lloyds of London alleging they "wrongfully failed to honor terms of an agreement concerning the loan of seven works of art by the artist Ron Arad" in that they "failed to provide the proper security or supervision to protect the plaintiff’s works.” MoMA did an Arad show last fall.
  • Marshall Elkins has sued Art Capital Group seeking the return of a George Stubbs painting, "claiming that defendant refuses to return it to him after he previously delivered it to defendant on consignment for the purpose of selling it.”
  • And in another lawsuit against Art Capital, "former investor Sagecrest II LLC has had their action against ACG moved to federal court as they seek to recoup $6.8 million they allege they are owed." This one seems to be part of a much bigger mess.