Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Fresno is simply too big to be left without local access to art for its citizens"

Judith Dobrzynski points out that another Fresno art museum may be on the brink.

She quotes a message from the director saying the museum is faced with "some very difficult decisions about the next season of exhibitions and educational programs," that they've "tightened [their] belts" and have "already made some critical decisions and adjustments" but are "still in a very vulnerable position."

She ends with the "hope [that] the community mobilizes in a way it did not for the Fresno Met." That would of course be great. But if only there was a way for the museum to weather the storm and stay afloat. If only it were the case that museums have a lot of stuff in their basements that they don't use and which could perhaps be used to raise some much needed cash. After all, you don't want to be caring for and conserving objects and collections that aren't central to your mission, especially in times of financial crisis.

Oh well. Let them fail.