Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rose Update

In the Brandeis Justice, Alana Abramson has the latest on the Rose lawsuit. There was a case management conference on Sept. 1. It's on a fairly fast track. The university will be filing a motion to dismiss by Sept. 15; the plaintiffs will be moving for a preliminary injunction by the same date. Opposition papers are due Oct. 6, with a hearing scheduled for Oct. 13.

One of the plaintiffs tells Abramson: "The University is using the line of attack that we don't care about the University, just the esoteric art collection. We are trying to save this piece of Brandeis because it's a crown jewel."

The university's lawyer counters: "It's unfortunate that Brandeis can find itself in a situation that it may have to sell art, but it is doing so for the right reasons. That is the essential truth of this case."