Friday, March 13, 2009

More Lawsuits

Three mentioned in this week's Baer Faxt:

  • "Lawsuit # 1: and why we don’t recommend doing authentications. Giulio Urbinati sued Maurice Tuchman for tortious interference alleging his telling a gallery and auction house that 10 Soutine drawings worth $150,000 were not authentic or fake." (More here from Courthouse News Service.)
  • "Lawsuit # 2. Robert Scottland has sued Peter Lik Gallery for $1 million alleging he was fired due to anti-semitism."
  • "Lawsuit # 3. AXA Art Insurance has a subrogated action (meaning they paid the claim) on behalf of Galleri Faurschou for $250,000 against Dietl Services for allegedly dropping a [sculpture]."