Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Barnesstorming (UPDATED)

The battle over the Barnes has apparently become an issue in the Pennsylvania Attorney General campaign. Democratic candidate John Morganelli says, by not opposing the move, incumbent Tom Corbett "failed to represent the wishes of Dr. Barnes and this community. ... The failure of Attorney General Corbett to protect Dr. Barnes, and thereby the public interest, undermines the likelihood that generous individuals will do good things with confidence that their wishes will be respected."

He says that, if he is elected, he'll move to (re)reopen the case.

UPDATE: More today from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Corbett's defense: "The foundation's move has been thoroughly vetted and judicially determined to be the best available alternative. It will actually enable the foundation to increase its exposure to the common people Dr. Barnes intended to reach while retaining its existing facilities to display additional artifacts that have been in storage due to a lack of gallery space."