Thursday, July 24, 2008

Two Suits

Josh Baer reports:

"In an interesting lawsuit Giancorrado Ulrich has sued Sotheby’s seeking $16 million. They allege, which Sotheby’s denies, that the 'Parmigiano' old master painting 'Rest of the Flight Into Egypt' was never returned to Ulrich’s agent in NY Marco Grassi after appraisal. Valid signed paperwork aside, Sotheby’s claimed that the work was not in their opinion by the artist (and hence valuable) but school of (and hence not valuable) the artist."

More here from the New York Post, which says he's seeking $32 million, not sixteen.

Also from Baer:

"Christie’s has been sued as well - by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences over the sale of a James Brown Grammy Award."