Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kiss This

From Callen Bair comes word that the French gallery that was showing the Cy Twombly painting that was kissed/defaced by Rindy Sam this summer has "mounted a response," an exhibition titled "I Don't Kiss":

"The exhibition is made up of works intended to express outrage at the kiss and includes Bertrand Lavier's interpretation of Salvador Dali's red lips-shaped couch (Lavier has placed the lips on top of a freezer), Douglas Gordon's human skull marked with the impression of his own lips, painted in the exact shade as were Twombly's aggressor, and, alas, the restored [Twombly] triptych."

Callen also notes that the other paintings that were on view with the triptych this summer are now up at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea ("where they are watched over by suited security guards").