Friday, October 19, 2007

"The art world is litigious today" (UPDATED)

Callen Bair:

"A judge will either order the padlock to come off Larry Salander's 71st Street gallery or deal it the final death blow at a hearing today. My money's on the latter. ...

"The saga of the Barnes Foundation drags on: The Friends of the Barnes and the foundation's trustees will go to court today in a last ditch effort by the former to keep the galleries in Merion, Pennsylvania. My prediction: The 'friends' will be disappointed."

UPDATE: Lee Rosenbaum hears from the Barnes friends:

"The Preliminary Objection [filed by the Barnes Foundation's lawyers] attempts to shift the focus from the substantive issues raised in its petitions filed by the Friends of the Barnes and Montgomery County, to whether the petitioners should be permitted to raise any issues at all [i.e., their legal 'standing']. The document refers to the petitioners' claims as 'scurrilous' and asks Judge Stanley Ott to make the petitioners pay for its legal costs."