Saturday, September 15, 2007

Next Up on the Deaccession Docket

While the Fisk-O'Keeffe lawsuit has come to a close, another deaccessioning lawsuit continues apace: "A group of 11 people associated with Randolph College's Maier Museum of Art filed legal action in Lynchburg Circuit Court on Tuesday to prevent the sale or sharing of the museum's artwork." The motion to intervene was filed in response to the college's request last month for a declaration that it has the authority to sell or share ownership of works purchased with funds from a trust set up under a 1928 bequest (or, if it doesn't, that the terms of the trust be modified to give it the authority). Portfolio magazine's Callen Bair sums up their claims:

"They argue that [the donor] meant for the pieces bought with money from her trust to remain at Randolph in perpetuity; that the college is considering a sale of the art 'to try to correct its poor decision making and past financial mismanagement'; and that it can solve its financial problems by better handling its resources and pursuing other fundraising options."

More on the lawsuit from Lee Rosenbaum here. Time magazine's Richard Lacayo had some thoughts recently on the Maier situation generally.