Tuesday, March 13, 2007

$1.7 billion

Variety reports that Lionsgate films is working on a movie based on Thomas Kinkade's painting "The Christmas Cottage" as part of an overall film-TV producing deal with the artist. According to the story:

"Kinkade's company asserts it's sold $1.7 billion of artwork at retail over the past 15 years along with $2.4 billion in licensed product sales -- such as greeting cards and calendars -- over the past decade, resulting in Kinkade art being found in one out of every 10 U.S. households."

Lionsgate production chief Michael Paseornek is quoted as saying they were "attracted to making a deal with Kinkade, partly because of the accessibility of his artwork and his massive mailing list. He noted that average retail price for a limited canvas is $1,000 while average retail for decorative art is $150."

The movie will be "partly biographical, based on how Kincade was motivated to begin his career as an artist after discovering his mother was in danger of losing the family home."

Ed Winkleman is speechless.

Here is an image of the painting. Here are some earlier posts on Kinkade's legal troubles.