Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Not the only one

The Tennessean reminds us today that Jefferson University is not the only school facing difficult deaccessioning choices:

"[T]he financially strapped [Fisk University] has found itself in the middle of a controversy raging over its intent to sell two paintings from its Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Modern Art: Marsden Hartley's 'Painting No. 3' and Georgia O'Keeffe's 'Radiator Building — Night, New York.' Awaiting a February court date that will determine whether it has the legal right to sell the paintings, Fisk faces a dilemma. Will it be forced to hold onto these paintings, or will it stand to make millions while letting go of two hugely important masterworks, bequeathed to the school in 1949 by none other than O'Keeffe herself?"

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