Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hassling Their Buzz

The Seattle Times reports today that the organizers of "Hempfest" have sued the Seattle Art Museum (and the city) on the grounds that construction of the museum's Olympic Sculpture Park is interfering with the annual pro-marijuana festival's plans. The objection is apparently that "the city and the museum have not guaranteed a corridor wide enough to allow thousands of festival-goers and equipment trucks easy access to the festival site." Great quote from the director of capital projects for SAM, who said the museum has gone out of its way to work with the Hempfest organizers: "'I have to say it is a curious group. It has been hard for us to understand it.'" (Dude! That's harsh!) SAM's $86 million sculpture park is scheduled to open in October. Hempfest is scheduled for Aug. 19 and 20.